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Yes, you are not dreaming. This is happening. I am finally organised to bring back our Weekly Inspiration.

With the difference in temperature between summer in Spain and September in Ireland, we have had to wear our thicker cardigans, give up completely our sandals and embrace jackets. It’s ok – we are ready for Autumn (or so I keep telling myself…).

The fashion trend for this autumn seems to be all aboutnatural colors, 70’s vibes and comfort, pretty much down my alley. I am loving it!

This style is perfect for any day of the week, casual and yet dressy. And those gloves…. oh my!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I have always been a fan of military style coats and I particularly like the length of this one and the fury collar is just exceptional!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

For the days where you just want to be comfortable, this style is just adorable. Comfortable yet stylish!
9Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I am totally in love with these suede boots from Asos – they are so retro and cool that I can totally imagine my mum wearing them when back when.
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn style

Ponchos are massive this autumn. There are so many styles, designs and colors to chose from… but you must have one!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

What is your favorite Autumn trend this year?

Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi

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I am loving the Easter break, the longer evenings and the color that Spring is bringing.

In this week’s inspiration:

If you are into up-cycling and plants at the same time, this project by Green Obsessions is for you.
Weekly Inspiration - Plants and upclycling

I have found a great tutorial to make cool belts for kids and to stop the “builder’s crack” from happening.
Weekly Inspiration - BigBoyBelts

This is a great alternative to die your eggs naturally by 104 Homestead. Better for you, and better for the environment.
Weekly Inspiration - how to Dye Eggs naturally

I have been thinking about signing up for a sewing course and I think I have found the one. This Craftsy course looks amazing!
Weekly Inspiration - Craftsy Sewing Courses

I love skirts and I love stripes. I just adore this skirt!!!
Weekly Inspiration - Stripey Skirt

Have an amazing weekend!
Chaotic Itzi

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What was your week? After spraining my wrist last weekend, I have been a tiny bit under the weather so I am planning a chilled weekend with loads of cuddles and comfort food.

I am thinking of getting myself a Fiddle Leaf Fig as my March plant. I still have to work out the logistics but it is so pretty….
Weekly inspiration

I think these infused waters will help me shake off the winter blues and make me feel than the spring is nearly here.
Weekly inspiration - infused water

I am totally in love with these toadstool mushroom table and chairs. They are just so adorable and they would look amazing anywhere. I so want them! I wonder if they do they in adult size.
Weekly inspiration - toadstool chair

I am really looking forward to dress nicely without having to cover it all with a big long coat and a scarf!
Weekly inspiration - style

We recently painted our built-in wardrobes in our room grey and I love them. I think it is my new favorite color. Grey with yellow, coral, duck egg… anything!
Weekly inspiration - grey color

Whatever you do guys, have a wonderful weekend!
Chaotic Itzi



Hi lovely people,

I am equally excited and terrified to share with you my new project. I opened an Etsy Shop! Yay!!!
Board - 502 - Pink and White
I will be selling my handmade notice boards. I have only been able to add few to the shop due to a crash with a gorgeous black labrador in a big field that resulted in my right wrist in a splint and me taking good few pain killers, but I plan to increase the stock as soon as my hand is a bit more mobile. Maybe I should have waited few more days but I just couldn’t wait to share.
Board - 101 - White and Red
Board - 703 - Cream
I will also be taking orders for customised boards so if you want a particular colour or design to fit your scheme, please contact me and I will work with you to make them special.
Board - 202 - Blue and Red
These boards are great for displaying photos and to keep all those important little bits and pieces of paper that seem to be everywhere is the house, organised and handy in a pretty display in any room you want.
I hope you like them!
Board - 303 - Flower and Green
Have a great weekend.
Chaotic Itzi