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I have been thinking recently to update the boys’ playroom. The current layout has worked for many years but as the boys are getting older and their interests change so do their needs and the space needs to accommodate to those needs.

They love having their friends over for movie nights and been able to watch films in their own space (by Desire to Inspire)
Weekly inspiration  - Amazing couch for playroom

They playroom needs to be somewhere they can relax but still have space to work on – fun and functional (by HGTV Magazinne)
Weekly Inspiration - Playrooms

I would love the idea of having something like this, but it might be too much for our house, and for us… (by FreshDads)
Weekly Inspiration - Playrooms

Every playroom should have a reading corner (by Nelliebellie)
Weekly Inspiration - Reading corner

And a little craft and drawing area will also be essential for my boys (by Artfulparent)
Weekly Inspiration - Art corner

There are so many ideas out there my head is now spinning and I want to do it now.
First tidy up the playroom… any minute now… I promise… I will have a coffee first…

Have a fab weekend.
Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos