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Although I always make my own sauces at home, we tend to end up with quite a bit of glass to recycle.

I would like to say that we always do our recycling straight away but the reality is that until the bag is overflowing and we keep tripping over it (not really, only sometimes, ok, most of the times) we tend not to do it.

I have put together few ideas to help you up-cycle some of that glass lying around your house, use them in your daily lives, make them beautiful and help the environment.

I got few very pretty serving spoons for my birthday and I didn’t want to just put them in a drawer. By using a wide glass jar with a ribbon around I can display them with pride in my kitchen and I can even bring it to the table.
Up-Cycling a jar to store Serving Spoons - OrganisingChaosBlog

Don’t discard pretty bottles. Refill them with your favorite olive oil and leave them on the counter to be used when needed.
Up-cycling a pretty bottle for oil

I always liked those little bowls that chefs tend to have in their kitchen  for their salt and pepper but I don’t like the idea of keeping them exposed all day. I sorted this problem by using small candle containers to keep handy my salt and pepper by the cooker and by keeping the tops nearby, I can cover them at night. Problem solved!
Keep your Salt and pepper in candle containers - OrganisingChaosBlog

Jam jars and ribbon make gorgeous candle holders. I have few on my stairs – don’t worry they are electrical candles… I don’t plan to burn my house any time soon.
Jam jars as candle holders - OrganisingChaosBlog

Jam jars are also ideal to store your cotton pads in your bathroom.
Jam jars to store cotton pads - OrganisingChaosBlog

Since I am list-freak and our kids are always drawing and writing, we tend to have pens all over the house. Jam jars are perfect to organise them in each room and you can personalise them by spray painting them.
Jam jars to organise your pencils - OrganisingChaosBlog

And if you are looking for flowers vases, the tall passata jars are the perfect height for it. Two or three tall jars full with flowers on your mantelpiece and you will feel like spring has just arrived.
Up-cycling jars as flower displays - OrgansingChaosBlog

I hope these ideas help you to reduce your recycling and inspire you to keep reusing every day items around your house.

Chaotic Itzi