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As you know, I have been making my own beauty products for a while now and I have to say that I would never go back to the store-bought ones. Not only the home-made products are cheaper to make but they are also much better for you and the environment.

As you can imagine, packing to come to Spain for 7 weeks with 2 kids is no easy task. Although we already have god few things here in our summer-house, the suitcases were still full and there is a lot to bring between clothes, toys, books… you know the drill. But it is a relief to know that I don’t have to bring my favorite beauty products as I can make them over there with some basic ingredients.

So this week I will be making my favorite scrubs to get my skin ready for the sun, and my favorite facial masks for my skin to feel amazing.

Home-made lavander sugar body scrub - very easy

Homemade  Vanilla Lip Scrub - OCB

OCB - Home-made Oatmeal Facial Scrub

Home-made Face Mask


Beeswax lip balm

What is your favorite home-made beauty product for the summer?

Chaotic Itzi



As the weather gets warmer, we tend to eat salads on a daily basis at home. We love any kind of leaf in our house, from rocket to spinach to baby beet green. We love mix and match leaves in our salads The combination of flavors mixed with some aromatic herbs, bring the salads to a whole new level –  you will never be bored.
Organising Chaos - Make your own salad box
The salad bags you can find in the supermarkets are very handy but I find they work out very expensive and they tend to go off rather quickly so I decided to grow my own salads. Growing your own food brings me a great sense of well-being, of knowing where my food has been and what it has gone into growing them. It is just so nice!

You don’t need to have a big garden or a garden at all to grow your own salads. You only need a small outside space, a balcony, a window box, any space where you can put a pot in. I recently scored some wooden boxes from my local farmer’s market so I decided to grow them in them so I could move them around my garden depending whether they needed more or less sun.
Organising Chaos - Make your own salad box
I painted the box a rich blue color and I lined the inside with newspapers. I then put some compost and planted my chosen salad leaves (Salad Lettuce Leaf ‘Misticanza d’insalate’ / Lettuce ‘Lollo Rosso). My own salad garden ready to be eaten!
Organising Chaos - Make your own salad box
Ideally I would have liked to grow my salads from seeds but the weather has been so bad here that the idea of planting anything or getting out into the garden was not very appealing and I missed the planting season. I did make sure the plants I bought were organic and no chemicals had been used in them,

Are you growing your own food? Share with us.
Chaotic Itzi


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The end of the school year is close, I can nearly see it. The boys keep asking when school is finishing, when we are going to Spain (in August), when is their birthday. They are tired. They are looking forward to the summer holidays, the freedom, the heat (hopefully), the late evenings and sleep ins. And so do I.
School lunch - Make your own sandwich - Full school lunch
At this point in the year, they are also tired of the same school lunches so I am trying to freshen it up a little bit.

This lunch is all about kids building the sandwich themselves. It is just a bit of fun as it can be eaten as a sandwich all together, they can eat the little bits separate or combine them as they want, but it always gets eaten in its entirety.

If you don’t have a lunch box with loads of different compartments and you don’t feel like buying one at this stage of the year, silicone cupcakes cases are ideal to keep all the different ingredients separate, they are easy to wash and reusable.
School lunch - Make your own sandwich
Today I used bacon, rocket, tomatoes, cheese and crackers, but I want to share with you some other suggestions for this DIY LUNCH that work very well in our house.
Bread : crackers, savory rice cakes, brown bread, mini bagels, small roll, panini…
Vegetables : rocket, spinach leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, lettuce, spring onion
Meat : cooked bacon, sausages, ham, turkey, pastrami, salami, smoked salmon, tuna, roasted chicken
Other : cheese, hummus, mayo, cream cheese, gherkins, relish, mayo mustard.
School lunch - Make your own sandwich - rocket and tomatos
School lunch - Make your own sandwich - fruit and treat
In our house, getting the my kids involved in the planning and making of their lunch works a treat – not only do they eat it better, but it is also lovely to see how much they grow feeling responsible and part of the decision-making process, it is very special.

What is your kids’ favorite lunch? Go on, share!
Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos

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When Big Monkey was 2 and a bit, we got him a play house for the garden. Back then we didn’t get to go out for walks as much as I would have liked as Chaotic Monkey was only a baby napping a lot, so it was important to me that Big Monkey would have somewhere to play in the garden. This house has been a house, a shop, a garage, a tent… so many stories and plots have developed in that house, both of them have enjoyed it, played on it, climbed it… until one day, when they realized they were both too big to get in and out of it.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
It was around the same time when the number of kid’s vehicles with wheels (ie. flickers, bicycles, scooters) started to increase and I was starting to get tired of bringing them in and out through the front door, folding them, removing dirt from my hall floor and storing them under the stairs. I needed a different storage solution – a house extension, a garage maybe?

Since I had the play house and I needed a space to store children’s vehicles, I decided to transform the play house into the boy’s shed to store the bikes, that way they could bring their bikes through the side gate and totally bypass the house and they would still be protected (ish) from the elements.

OCB - Upcycling a play house into a kid's shed

After so many years outside, the colors in the play house were already fading. The sides of the play house were a faded orange color which is pretty much the same color as ours (by design, I know, you need to question our decision making), so I decided to leave it. This meant I only had to paint the red roof black in order to have a mini shed for the boys.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
I decided to use Rust-Oleum Crystal Clear Protective Coat on top of the black spray painting in order to give it another layer  of protection against the elements and the kids.
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
The mini shed has worked a treat. We have had it as a working mini shed for about a year now and it is as functional and fun as the first day. They can get the bikes and scooters in and out themselves, there are no more wheels though the house and we got to up-cycle this lovely play house that has given us so many fun memories – how good is that?
OCB - Up-cycling a play house
We are also re-using the kid’s turtle sandpit as their garden. It is there where they get to plant whatever they wish and they love been responsible for their own patch of land – it must be an Irish thing…

Have you got any up-cycling projects that you would like to share?
Chaotic Itzi

Organising Chaos