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Board - 202 - Blue and Red
I am so full of the summer love just thinking of my super extended summer holiday this year that I wanted to share it with you, so this month there will be a GIVEAWAY plus a discount for my Etsy Shop.
So first things first, let’s see it if you can get a Hand-made Fabric Memo Board (30cm x 40 cm) for free.
All you have to do is leave your comment below let me know what you will be using the board for and I will announce the winner on Friday June 26th.
Vintage Notice Board - 70's floral
Board - 703 - Cream
The winner will get to choose their favorite one from the shop and it will be posted straight away just in time to put up all your summer photos, tickets, postcards and memories.
Mini Notice Boards -
If your name is not pulled out of Mr B’s hat, not to worry, I will be running a discount on my Etsy Shop for a whole week! (26th June to 3rd of July) so you will have your opportunity to purchase your own board at a discounted price.

Is that love or what? Have an amazing day!
Chaotic Itzi

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You must all know by now that I like boards, any type of notice boards.
Big Vintage Notice Board -
I think they are a wonderful way of getting papers organized, putting things away, displaying photos and keepsakes and getting rid of the dreaded pile of paper at the end of the kitchen counter.

Although some notice boards are lovely and they look even better displaying photos and souvenirs, others can look not so attractive displaying bills, school notices and reminders. I find cork notice boards the ugly duckling of message boards so I have been looking for ways to beautify them (too much time in my hands??? – maybe!)
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
This simple project will make your cork board look a hundred times better, it will add more color, more style and it will be more presentable. All these while up-cycling all those random buttons that you have lying around and all for the price of a small tub of glue and some push pins – are you sold yet? Let’s get cracking!

Now, again, this is one of the very complicated projects that if you loose concentration or you take a call half way through the project you might not be able to continue. I have broken it down in small steps so it is easier to follow. Pay attention:

Step 1 – Get the glue, the push pins and the buttons
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
Step 2 – Put the button upside down, put some glue on it and rest the push pin on top – Let it dry
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
Step 3 – Use your new pretty pins on your cork board
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
If you have managed to follow this complicated procedure, I hope you are smiling and admiring your Friday project.
Organising Chaos - Get organized with buttons
Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi



So I had a lovely weekend away. I am currently working on a post of things to do and eat in Barcelona so bare with me.

Today I want to share some ideas to help you organized the house.
Organize your House with IKEA
When it comes to organizing, Ikea is a great source of inspiration for me as everything is very accessible, affordable and

I find that it is usually the little things that help the most, like a way of removing the dirty wellies from the middle of the hall. And speaking of which…
Organize with IKEA - Winerack for wellies

These little spice racks are perfect size to help you organize all those little hair pins and ties that keep lying around in the bathroom.
Spice magnetic canisters to help you get organized in the bathroom

It is amazing what a little magazine holder can do in the right place! No more cling film landing on my head! yay!
Magazine holder for cling film

This remote control would be ideal to organize all the pens, books, snacks and drinks for long journeys in the car.
TV control organizer for the car

For nurseries in small spaces , kitchen storage will go along way to help you maximize the space.
Kitchen Storage in the nursery

I love window seats but sometimes they do like a waste of vaiable space. This hack really makes the best of those spaces.
Window seat

The Trones are ideal to organize the toilet rolls, shampoos. and cleaning supplies
Trones in small spaces

These pictures ledges are ideal for creating extra storage behind the headboard to organize your books, charges, creams or whatever you want to keep handy
Headboard with photo ledges

This vertical storage solution is ideal for small bathrooms where space is at a premium
Kitchen storage in the bathroom

And if you are looking for a bigger project, one that will give you enough storage for years to come, this is the project for you!
Make an IKEA built in bookcase

Are you inspired yet? Have you got a favorite hack? Come on! Share!

Chaotic Itzi

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Kids in the house usually means a messy home, at least in my case. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I like that my kids and their friends feel free to make tents out of the sitting room cushions and blankets, it is also their house after all. And I was always going for that “lived-in” look anyway (yeah, right)
Excuse the mess
The hard part is to find the balance between allowing the kids to make messes and to teach them to respect the house and lieave it organized after the game is over. I usually try to get my kids to tidy up and put things back as they use them or at least before going to bed but sometimes they are tired, or I am tired, or we are all tired… you know the way…

I think it is important to establish some organizational routines in order for kids to take responsibility for their own stuff, which is an essential part of growing up, but also to avoid parents melt downs over Lego pieces (you all know what I mean, don’t pretend you don’t!)
Organising a house with kids

Store the board games pieces and puzzles in individually labeled boxes to avoid mixing up or loosing pieces. I find original boxes way too big and they break very easily. By using smaller containers and/or zip bags you will be able to save space and keep more control over the game’s pieces.
Kids organisation - boxes for games
Jazzie and Tahlia

What is there to say about Lego? I am sure I am not alone in experiencing that amazing feeling of walking into a room bear footed to walk into a pile of those little pieces…. I decided to invest in this Lego head storage solution as it nothing screams Lego storage as a massive Lego head, it makes tiding up easy and  it sorts out the pieces by size. Lego and I are getting on better because of these little head.
Kids Organization - Lego-Organization

The boy’s bathroom is another area where we are working hard at establishing some sort of organization. By giving each kid their own toothbrush and toothpaste holder they are more likely to take more responsibility and to leave things tidy. There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition….
Kids organisation - bathroom

School bags are another item that I insist in my kids take responsibility for, but you have to provide them with a place to put them when they are finished with their homework. In our house, we have a big basket under the stairs when school bags go in the evening. Even the smallest of spaces can manage a hook or two to hang the school bags from and there will be no more tripping over them.
Kids organisation - school bags

We are lucky that my kids wear uniform to school but I know of so many parents whose have mayor debates with their children in the morning when it comes to choosing what they are wearing to school. These amazing free printable tags should help you organize the outfits for the week on a Sunday and avoid melt downs in the morning (by either child or parent)
Kids Organisation - Hanging Closet Organizers for School Day Outfits in Pink, by Make Life Lovely
Make Life Lovely

Do you have any organizational ideas that work in your house? Let us know! for World Peace!
Chaotic Itzi