Organising Chaos

trying to bring beauty and order into a busy life



Nope. I am not going on holidays anywhere exciting or anywhere boring for that matter.
I am staying right here, in my (still messy but slowly improving) home office.

I am currently trying to migrate the blog to a different platform and it’s like learning a different language.
I hope not to take too long and to be back sharing my projects soon enough (hopefully with some hair left on my head).

I will miss you.
Chaotic Itzi

Author: chaoticitzi

My name is Itzi. I am a Spanish girl living in Ireland with the three boys of my life. I am a firm believer in up-cycling, that beauty makes us happy and that pretty things don't have to be expensive. I love my family, coffee and the sun. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy it Chaotic Itzi

2 thoughts on “I’LL BE BACK IN A FEW DAYS

  1. Good luck! Sounds complicated!

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