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Yesterday was the last day of the school holidays.
I can’t complain. We have had an amazing time. We have been in Spain for most of the summer and before that in beautiful West Cork with friends. But it has gone too fast. Way too fast.
The boys are ready to go back to school, they are even looking forward to it. They can’t wait to catch up with all their friends and tell them all about the summer. I think they are even looking forward to some routine.
Last Day of Holidays - lunch & cinema
I am also looking forward to school starting. I am really going to miss the boys deeply but it is going to be good to have some time for projects, for crafting, for meditation, for the blog, for me.
Last Day of Holidays
To mark the last day of the holidays, we decided to have a lunch and cinema date. It was lovely.
Last Day of Holidays - lunch & cinema
They picked their favorite coffee shop for lunch and we took a sit by the window.
While Big Monkey was in playful mood for the photos, Chaotic Monkey kept posing. They really got into it. I like that they are taking an interest in photography. These silly moments and random dates are about making memories but also about capturing them, no matter how silly or normal they are.
Last Day of holidays Last Day of holidays 3
We then went on to the cinema to see AntMan. The boys and I really enjoyed it (although it may not look like that in the photo). It’s Marvel and it’s Paul Rudd, all good.
Last Day of holidays - cinema date
After dinner, we made sure the uniforms fitted. They went to bed at a reasonable time. School lunches are ready. School bag is ready. Everything is ready to go back to normality. Bittersweet.

What about you? Are you ready for routine?
Chaotic Itzi
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