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Nope. I am not going on holidays anywhere exciting or anywhere boring for that matter.
I am staying right here, in my (still messy but slowly improving) home office.

I am currently trying to migrate the blog to a different platform and it’s like learning a different language.
I hope not to take too long and to be back sharing my projects soon enough (hopefully with some hair left on my head).

I will miss you.
Chaotic Itzi



Remember back in Spring when I wanted cacti but I was worried to get them for the kids? Well, after much thinking during my holidays (I actually had time to think!!!), I decided that the kids would be fine as long as I place the cacti somewhere appropriate and the kids know what they are. I definitely over-thought this cactus business, but that’s me – I over-think random stuff and I under-think all the important decisions. It seems to be working for me so far… I’ll stick to it!

My parents had a gorgeous green bowl that I remember used to be full of cacti growing up but it had been empty for good few years now so I decided to make my first experiment there. It was only appropriate.

Decorating with plants - A bowl of cacti - so pretty
I decided to go for a combination of cacti and succulents to make it more interesting.Once they were all planted, I covered the soil with some colored glass beads that reflect the light.
Decorating with plants - A bowl of cacti

My parents were delighted. It makes a lovely table feature and the glass beads makes it very bright. I liked it so much that I decided to do something similar in my own house in Ireland. Same, same but different, you know?

I had a couple of glasses that had a crack at the top and were too dangerous to drink from but too pretty to throw away, so I decided to used them for the cacti.
Decorating with plants - A glass of cactus
I used some white decorative stones at the bottom of the glass and I also covered the soil with them.
Decorating with plants - A glass of cactus

While buying the cacti, I also bought a couple of succulents. I know that it was only meant to be one plant a month but they were tiny, cute and super cheap and I had few cuts from other succulents that I wanted to plant and all together they would look lovely. Anyway, I did buy them and I did plant them and I am very happy about it now… (and slightly embarrassed for the long explanation…).
Decorating with plants - Succulents
Decorating with plants - Succulents
I think cacti may be addictive – all the different shapes, colors, flowers… I will try to stay strong. I will try…

Have you got cactus at home? What is your favorite cactus?
Chaotic Itzi

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Yes, you are not dreaming. This is happening. I am finally organised to bring back our Weekly Inspiration.

With the difference in temperature between summer in Spain and September in Ireland, we have had to wear our thicker cardigans, give up completely our sandals and embrace jackets. It’s ok – we are ready for Autumn (or so I keep telling myself…).

The fashion trend for this autumn seems to be all aboutnatural colors, 70’s vibes and comfort, pretty much down my alley. I am loving it!

This style is perfect for any day of the week, casual and yet dressy. And those gloves…. oh my!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I have always been a fan of military style coats and I particularly like the length of this one and the fury collar is just exceptional!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

For the days where you just want to be comfortable, this style is just adorable. Comfortable yet stylish!
9Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

I am totally in love with these suede boots from Asos – they are so retro and cool that I can totally imagine my mum wearing them when back when.
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn style

Ponchos are massive this autumn. There are so many styles, designs and colors to chose from… but you must have one!
Weekly Inspiration - Autumn Style

What is your favorite Autumn trend this year?

Have an amazing weekend.
Chaotic Itzi

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Cocktail time- The Screwdriver

It is now 2 weeks since we came back from Spain and we went straight into the school routine, timetables… all that. Routine is good, especially when you have kids. I like structure, knowing what we are doing and when,and because our schedule is so tight during winter, I love throwing it all out the window in the summer and going with the flow, and I then am happy to go back to our routine.

Part of our winter routine is our Friday ritual. The kids have cinema night, which involves home-made pizza, smoothie, pop-corn and hot chocolate with marshmallows, and the adults have cocktails in the kitchen.
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
Tonight’s cocktails is one of my favorites:  a Screwdriver. This is my cocktail of choice in Spain so it has a lot of sunny and lovely memories attached to it.
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
1.25 ml of Vodka
Juice of 1 orange
Fizzy orange
Orange peel to garnish

Put 6 ice cubes in the glass and rub the edge of the glass with the orange peel.
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver 3
Add the vodka, the juice of one orange and fill it up with fizzy orange. Stir carefully, decorate and enjoy!
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
The purists will have the Screwdriver with just vodka and orange juice but I like mixing fresh orange juice with some fizzy orange – that is how they serve it in Spain and that is how I like it. If you want to go the purist route, just fill the glass up with orange juice. I won’t judge you, I promise. 😉
Cocktail time - The Screwdriver
Have you got a favorite summer cocktail? Share it with us!

Happy Friday,
Chaotic Itzi

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