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Lazy days - fishing with dad
Hey there lovely people. I hope you are having an amazing summer. Apologies for not been in touch lately but Mr B and I were organizing our 20 year anniversary party, welcoming people that had traveled all the way to Spain to celebrate with us, hanging out with our friends and family. We have had the best time merging our Spanish and Irish worlds. We knew everyone would get on but it worked out even better than we could have imagined. Irish people are planning their next holidays in the north of Spain, Spanish people are planning to visit Ireland, there was talk of house swaps… everybody loved each other.

I will be sharing some photos of the event shortly, once I manage to sift through the hundreds of photos that were taken that night.

Some of our friends stayed for few days after the party so we have been trying to spend as much time as possible with them. We both love our friends but we were also looking forward to spending time our own. Just the 4 of us. A proper lazy day with loads of cuddles, a bit of reading, playing cards… We finally had one.
Lazy days swimming in the river
We all got up late and had a lovely family breakfast. The lazy day turned out perfect when we remembered that there was a Food-Truck Festival in the local plaza for the entire weekend! There is no need to cook at all! Sweet!
Lazy days - food trucks
Lazy days - food trucks
There was a lovely atmosphere. Some live music, sun shining, lovely food, loads of lovely people around… it was perfect!
Lazy days with live music are good
Lazy days with live music
We spent the day lazing, eating, relaxing, cuddling, fishing and swimming, all within a 200 square mtrs. We even went to bed relatively early and we slept really well.
Lazy days are good
Lazy days are good
We love our busy days, but we also need some lazy days to relax and recharge our energy levels.
Lazy days are good. We love them too. We need them.
Lazy days are good
What about you?

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