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Kids in the house usually means a messy home, at least in my case. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I like that my kids and their friends feel free to make tents out of the sitting room cushions and blankets, it is also their house after all. And I was always going for that “lived-in” look anyway (yeah, right)
Excuse the mess
The hard part is to find the balance between allowing the kids to make messes and to teach them to respect the house and lieave it organized after the game is over. I usually try to get my kids to tidy up and put things back as they use them or at least before going to bed but sometimes they are tired, or I am tired, or we are all tired… you know the way…

I think it is important to establish some organizational routines in order for kids to take responsibility for their own stuff, which is an essential part of growing up, but also to avoid parents melt downs over Lego pieces (you all know what I mean, don’t pretend you don’t!)
Organising a house with kids

Store the board games pieces and puzzles in individually labeled boxes to avoid mixing up or loosing pieces. I find original boxes way too big and they break very easily. By using smaller containers and/or zip bags you will be able to save space and keep more control over the game’s pieces.
Kids organisation - boxes for games
Jazzie and Tahlia

What is there to say about Lego? I am sure I am not alone in experiencing that amazing feeling of walking into a room bear footed to walk into a pile of those little pieces…. I decided to invest in this Lego head storage solution as it nothing screams Lego storage as a massive Lego head, it makes tiding up easy and  it sorts out the pieces by size. Lego and I are getting on better because of these little head.
Kids Organization - Lego-Organization

The boy’s bathroom is another area where we are working hard at establishing some sort of organization. By giving each kid their own toothbrush and toothpaste holder they are more likely to take more responsibility and to leave things tidy. There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition….
Kids organisation - bathroom

School bags are another item that I insist in my kids take responsibility for, but you have to provide them with a place to put them when they are finished with their homework. In our house, we have a big basket under the stairs when school bags go in the evening. Even the smallest of spaces can manage a hook or two to hang the school bags from and there will be no more tripping over them.
Kids organisation - school bags

We are lucky that my kids wear uniform to school but I know of so many parents whose have mayor debates with their children in the morning when it comes to choosing what they are wearing to school. These amazing free printable tags should help you organize the outfits for the week on a Sunday and avoid melt downs in the morning (by either child or parent)
Kids Organisation - Hanging Closet Organizers for School Day Outfits in Pink, by Make Life Lovely
Make Life Lovely

Do you have any organizational ideas that work in your house? Let us know! for World Peace!
Chaotic Itzi

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