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Last week I posted in Instagram a photo of some of the notice boards I had been working on and I had planned to have them all ready and up in the Etsy Shop by the end of that week, but as it tends to happen life got busy, took over and I never got to finish the boards.
Vintage Notice Board -
Some of you asked me by e-mail when I was going to have them ready and I had to give a definite answer this time as I didn’t want to let you down again (sorry…), so I have been pulling a couple of late nights and I have them finished and up in the Etsy Shop.

As well as the standard size boards (30 cm x 40 cm) I have also made a large one (60 cm x 60 cm) which would be lovely in anyone’s hall  if you have too many lovely things to display. It would also make a perfect welcome card in any business’ entrance displaying photos of what they do, their facilities, o simply displaying thank you cards and happy messages from satisfied customers.
Big Vintage Notice Board - Vintage Notice Board -

I also made some small boards ideal for baby rooms to display the baby’s hospital tag, the first photo… all those amazing keepsakes that are too precious to put away straight away.
Mini Notice Boards -
Mini Notice Boards -

You guys have been so good to me since I started this journey that I wanted to give you something in return, so I decided to have a Hand-made Notice Board (30cm x 40cm) monthly giveaway on the blog. You just need to leave a comment below and let me know what you would display on your notice board. You will get to choose your favorite 30cm x 40cm board from the shop and it will be delivered to your front door.
Vintage Notice Board -
Vintage Notice Board -
Vintage Notice Board -

So thank you, thank you for your support! It is deeply appreciated it!

Have an amazing day,
Chaotic Itzi

Author: chaoticitzi

My name is Itzi. I am a Spanish girl living in Ireland with the three boys of my life. I am a firm believer in up-cycling, that beauty makes us happy and that pretty things don't have to be expensive. I love my family, coffee and the sun. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy it Chaotic Itzi

2 thoughts on “ETSY SHOP + MAY GIVEAWAY

  1. The notice boards are lovely and I would use mine in my sewing nook to display all the pictures I find inspiring whilst I work 🙂 Tabitha

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  2. Love them! I would use mine for putting up all the important bits of paper and make them look more exciting!

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