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I am off to Barcelona this weekend to meet up with some friends and family!! (insert super happy dance here!!!)
Park Güell Barcelona Spain
The reason behind this trip is to go the Spanish Cup final in Barcelona between our football club (Athletic Bilbao) and Barcelona on Saturday night. That is a reason as much as it is an excuse. My sister, some other members of my family, half of the Basque Country and some other friends living elsewhere on the planet are also going, so regardless of the result, we will have ourselves a party.

Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. Such a cool city, so much to see, such fabulous food, brilliant weather and the beach right on your door step. I have been there good few times before and I am always happy to go back.

I promise to document my journey to the best of my ability and I hope to be able to share some travel tips with you very soon. I will try to keep you guys updated on Instagram during the weekend.

Have a great weekend and I will chat to you next week!

Chaotic Itzi

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A good while ago, walking around some of my favorite second-hand stores in Limerick, I picked up this gem of magazine holder.
Up-cycling a Vintage Magazine holder
I love the shape of it. It sounds cliché but they certainly no longer make them like they used to. This magazine holder is solid and sturdy, I particularly love the handle, but those men had to go.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder
As I wanted to bring this vintage beauty to the 21st century, I decided to give it a total make-over rather than just a face-lift.

I started by painting the sides and inside with grey spray paint. I then used white chalk paint for the edges and I distressed it a little bit with some sand paper.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder
Up-cycling an old magazine holder 1
The lovely men in lovely tights were replaced with some contemporary geometrical wall paper.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder 2Up-cycling an old magazine holder
I am really happy with the result. It is great to finally have something to keep our newspapers and magazines in.
Up-cycling an old magazine holder
What do you think? Have you up-cycled something recently?

Chaotic Itzi

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On Saturday 23rd of May 2015, the Republic of Ireland became the first country in the word to introduce marriage equality by popular vote.
Ireland says yes
It has been a long and emotional campaign. It was a personal issue, a civil rights issue. I find find inconceivable that in 2015 people have to fight to have the same rights as everyone else. Imagine if you had to fight for the right to education, or water, simply because that right wasn’t automatically extended to you. Why would I be allowed to do something that other people are not allowed to? How can I expect to teach my children to love and respect everyone equally when we as a nation don’t do it? What kind of message are we sending?

This issue was very important to me. I want my children to grow up in a society where everyone is treated equally, without any buts, or as long as’s. No one is better or worse than anyone else. Equality benefits everyone and damages no one.

Yes Equality

It was also very personal. My sister-on-law is engaged to a wonderful woman. They are my family and my children’s aunties. They love them. No, they adore them, no more or no less than their other heterosexual uncles and aunts. They are loving, caring, fabulous human beings and yet they weren’t allowed to become a family in their own country. Shameful!

It is a human rights issue and I am so proud to have been part of this historic moment. My heart is full of joy and love and my face has been covered in tears for a lot of this week, first in anticipation and then with relief and happiness.

The people of Ireland have been amazing. I am so inspired.  They have been brave, they have supported each other fighting for what is right. There is no THEM and US, just US fighting for human rights, for a better country. for an equal future for everyone.

Irish poeple have traveled long distances to be home in time to make a change in history. The hashtag #hometovote in Twitter had me in tears
I am just so happy and proud to be living in Ireland and to be part of this historical event.
Still very emotional. I will be for a while.

Love has no labels.

Chaotic Itzi



I was looking at my kitchen utensils the other day and I realized that most of my wooden spoons and spatulas were cracked, broken or burnt. They have been hard at work for far too long so it was time to retire them and buy new ones, and since I had to buy new ones, I decided to give them a splash of color by painting them.
Painted Wooden Spoon - OrganisingChaos
I spend good few hours a day cooking and colorful utensils will definitely put a smile in my face, especially during those grey days that we can’t seem to shake off.
Wooden spoons ready to paint
Painter's tape for painting wooden spoons
This is a very easy and budget friendly project. All you need is your favorite color paints, wooden utensils and some painter’s tape. I decided I was going to paint some stripes, so I used the painter’s tape to mark the lines.
Organising Chaos - Painted Wooden Spoons
I would suggest not to paint too low down in the spoons if you are planning to use normal paint for this project, you don’t want your paint and your food mixing.
OCB -  - Painted Wooden Spoons
Aren’t they looking pretty? They really put a smile in my face – and some people say that I am hard to please,,, I don’t know what they are talking about…
Painted Wooden Spoon - OrganisingChaos
Have an amazing day,
Chaotic Itzi