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My boys love having celebrating the small things of life. They love having Breakfast Parties, where the 4 of us get to have breakfast in bed. They love having picnics at home, either in the garden (and it has to be on the grass despite having a perfectly good table outside) or if the weather is bad, we will have them in the sitting room’s floor. They love having kid’s coffee (frothed milk with powder chocolate sprinkled on top) and cake and celebrate all our birthdays together, or celebrate the fact that it is Saturday and we are all together.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
Food and family are the most important part of these celebrations, definitely, but they also love decorating. They love making the moments special with flowers and decorations. We have made and bought many decorations throughout the years, but they have been used so much that I thought it would be nice to make new ones.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
When it comes to party decorating, bunting is essential. To me, bunting means fun, whimsical and sunny so I decided to make a bunting that could be hung both inside and outside and be used more than once.

During some aimless browsing in different shops recently, I came across the Bunting Adhesive Wall Stickers. I was not planning to get them at first as I thought the boys were a bit too old for having bunting decals in their room or in their playroom and besides, I wanted something I could move around. It was then that I noticed that they had been reduced to €1.50 a packet, so I thought that even if I didn’t come up with something to do with them, I could always give them to someone else. In the end there was no need as I quickly came up with a solution.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Bunting decals
I decided to use white card paper to stick the decals into and making the bunting that way. So after applying the decals to the card paper and cutting them, it was pretty much done. Few holes with a hole puncher and some string and ‘Bob is your uncle’, as they say over here. (they do say it, I promise it!)
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
I can now use it inside and out. So far we are using it inside mainly but I am looking forward to our first outdoor picnic with the new decorations.
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
OCB - Easy party bunting with wall stickers
Do you have special celebrations at home?

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