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Easy and quick projects are my favorite, especially with the kids at home. I decided to take advantage of their “ninja training” to get something done.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot 1
I have had this tin for years. It has been used to store sweets, pens, my sewing kit, anything and everything… but it is starting to look very shabby and I have lost its lid so I decided it was time to update it.  I found an amazing marble effect adhesive paper and I wanted to use it on this project. Marble always looks great and expensive, and this project will allow you to update any tin into something amazing!
OrganisingChaosBlog - An average tin
I measured the tin and cut the dc-fix accordingly. I then wrapped it around the tin slowly to make sure that there was no air bubbles.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot
From shabby tin to fancy flower pot, a bit difference in few minutes.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Make a marble flower pot 3
What did you do today?
Chaotic Itzi

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I am loving the Easter break, the longer evenings and the color that Spring is bringing.

In this week’s inspiration:

If you are into up-cycling and plants at the same time, this project by Green Obsessions is for you.
Weekly Inspiration - Plants and upclycling

I have found a great tutorial to make cool belts for kids and to stop the “builder’s crack” from happening.
Weekly Inspiration - BigBoyBelts

This is a great alternative to die your eggs naturally by 104 Homestead. Better for you, and better for the environment.
Weekly Inspiration - how to Dye Eggs naturally

I have been thinking about signing up for a sewing course and I think I have found the one. This Craftsy course looks amazing!
Weekly Inspiration - Craftsy Sewing Courses

I love skirts and I love stripes. I just adore this skirt!!!
Weekly Inspiration - Stripey Skirt

Have an amazing weekend!
Chaotic Itzi

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Today was a busy and fun day.
While I was running my errands this morning, I managed to sneak in some “me shopping”. Nothing amazing, some silly treats for me, but I knew it would be the last time I would get to be in a shop for a couple of weeks on my own. In peace.
Cheap and happy buys

The boys finished school early and as our tradition goes, the 4 of us go for lunch to celebrate the beginning of the holidays. This morning we thought that Mr B would be too busy to join us but somehow he managed to escape for an hour and meet us for our traditional lunch. The boys were delighted. We had a great lunch full of energy and love.My three boys

I am really looking forward to enjoying time with them, hanging out, having time to talk over breakfast, going swimming, making cookies…

My mum and my little sister are coming over for a visit over the holidays. There will be 3 generations and 2 languages living in my house for a week. I can’t wait for the boys to re-connect with them, to practice their Spanish, to hang out with family. I look forward to spending hours sitting at the kitchen table, planning the next meal, just being… Family time. No rush, no pressure, just quality time.

Are you on a break?
Chaotic Itzi

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March weather, at least in Ireland, is a lottery. Last weekend we were in t-shirts having picnics in the park and yesterday we were back to hailstones.

Easter is upon us and kids are getting the holidays tomorrow and I have to be totally honest – I find the idea of  having kids indoor for long(ish) periods of time during the holiday period a bit daunting and/or potentially very destructive (mainly to the house), so I am already looking at things to do for those 2 weeks.

We will be taking day trips regardless of the weather (wellies and wet gear already packed), doing some cooking, going to the playground… but I wanted to include something creative. Both my kids love making crafts and painting and we are always looking for inspiration to try something new. Well, I have found my inspiration – the talented MollyMooCrafts has crafts for everything! I mean, her blog is just amazing and insanely inspiring.

From Easter crafts
OCB - Felt-Pad-BUnnies

To year-round ones
OCB - how-to-make-a-dream-catcher-feature

My kids adore her blog and they are already excited picking which ones we are going to do this Easter.

She also has an amazing craft ebook in store: Happy Handmade, check it out!

I am now off to buy my supplies.

Happy crafting!
Chaotic Itzi