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Happy New Year lovely people! I hope you have had a lovely start to 2015.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I didn’t use to. I always thought that I had to give something up or make a significant change in my life and I never wanted to commit to anything, to put anything in writing.

It was only last year that I realised that New Year resolutions didn’t mean giving up something but rather settings goals for the year. It’s funny how different words have different connotations to everyone. For some reason I am more comfortable with the term “goal setting” and so last year I went for it. I set 4 simple, achievable and relevant goals for me for 2014.
2014 goals
* Cut down on meat. It is not that we ate a huge amount of meat before but I wanted to be more conscious of what we ate and how much meat we consumed as a family. We all love vegetables, pulses and fish at home so I knew this would be an easy and achievable goal for 2014. We try to eat meat just 2 or 3 days a week and it is working great for us.

* Come up with a cleaning schedule and stick to it. I have to put my hand up and say that cleaning is not my thing. I love cooking, I love crafts, I love plants, but cleaning… is not on the top of my agenda. Now, don’t get me wrong, my house is not filthy, I just don’t like cleaning.  I do it, but I don’t like it. I’d much rather paint a room than hoover and mop the floor, that’s just me. I used to do the cleaning once a week, two hours, get everything done in one go. What I found is that sometimes it is hard to have 2 whole free hours in a day which means that the cleaning kept being delayed and not being done. Obviously this system was not working. I have tried different cleaning schedules this year but they just don’t seem to work for me. Maybe it has to do with my attitude rather than with the schedule. This is one of those goals that will need to be carried though to 2015.

* Quality Family Time. We live in a busy society. There is always something to do, something to see, somewhere to be. Although it is great to organise play dates for your kids, bring them to extra curricular activities and all that, we can lose track of spending quality time with them. Just us and them doing something fun, even silly. Last year we introduced Friday night movie. It is obviously a very simple concept: it involves going out and renting a film, making pizza dough all together, designing your own pizza, and having your pizza in the sitting room while watching the film all together. All of that topped with a hot chocolate and marshmallows. Not a bad end to a working week, is it? We also try to have few afternoons of different activities: playing Guess Who, Funny faces, cards, using play dough, making crafts, painting…. anything! it’s lovely. Sometimes the kids stand us up if their friends call at the door, but that is ok. i just don’t want to be the one standing them up.

* Couple Time. 2014 definitely saw an increase on the amount of date nights and nights out that Mr B and I had together. We need to put the date nights in our calendar so they don’t get forgotten. They haven’t been as frequent as both of us would want to but we are working on them.

It is a bit strange for me to look back at the year. I am not one to over analyse anything. I tend to look forward more than backwards, but since 2013, there have been few things holding me back and I guess it has forced me to keep an eye on the rear-view mirror. 2014 has been in many ways a year of resolution for me. I have freed myself from a couple of dark clouds that were hanging over my head. Although my head feels lighter, I know that I am not still back to my normal self but I also know that I am on my way. It hasn’t been a great year, but it has been a good enough year, which I will take. Happily.

I now have to go and decide what my 2015 goals should be, what I want to work on, what my priorities are. I just hope the list is not too long…

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