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Hi lovely people! I hope you have had a good week and that you have lovely plans for this weekend.  I am so happy that January is nearly over and we are a month closer to Spring. Yay!!

Looking around the web this week I have found this amazing twist on your traditional french toast. I will be trying it next Friday (as per our Breakfast Menu). By The Girl Who Ate Everything
Frech toast with a twist
This tip to fill wall holes is one to keep, I know I’ll use it often. By Budget Savy Diva
Tips to fill nail holes
This is totally what my craft room looks like. Really. Totally. (I wish…) By The Budget Decorator
Craft room
I have been looking for a mirror for the boy’s room and I think I have just found it. I love the color! By Cheese Crafty
Dinosaur mirror
I am equally attracted and scared of this succulent.Crazy plants
Have a brilliant weekend!
Chaotic Itzi

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Today was such a beautiful day. It was very cold but sunny, it’s Friday, I have a lovely weekend planned ahead of me and I am looking forward to dinner date with my man tonight. A perfect day!

Fireman's Sour - OrganisingChaosBlog

Fireman’s Sour – OrganisingChaosBlog

Today is also the last Friday of January.  We have been very (mainly) good this month in an effort to balance out the excess of the holidays, but as it is nearly Friday and I have date, I am having a cocktail.

2 measures of white rum
1 1/2 measures lime juice
1 tbsp grenadine
1 tsp sugar syrup
Fireman's Sour - OrganisingChaosBlog
Put all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker with the ice and shake well until it is well frosted. Strain into a cocktail glass and dress with a cocktail stick and a jelly (optional).
I am loving the sweet and sour mixture of the lime and grenadine. So good!
Fireman's Sour - OrganisingChaosBlog
Come on! It’s Friday
Have a great weekend!

Chaotic Itzi



Few years ago I bought some wicker baskets as they were a very economical way to keep things tidied up around the house. Over the years I have used these baskets to store anything and everything, from toys, to shoes, to balls, to children (I may or may not be joking about the last one).

As we are still using these baskets for a number of things nowadays, I wanted to give them a new lease of life, to refresh them a little bit and to make them fit more into our current lifestyle.

I love using different textures around the house, wool, wicker, wood, glass, ceramics… and I wanted to incorporate different textures to the basket so I decided to cover the top rim with green wool. This took more patience than skill 😉
Updating a tired basket with wool - OrganisingChaosBlog
In order to add more contrast to the basket, I painted the bottom part white, it is an easy job with instant results, perfect. I glued some felt at the bottom of the basket in order to avoid scratching the floors (something I should have done years ago… oops!)
Updating a tired basket with wool - OrganisingChaosBlog
This basket is currently in my hall being used as a flower pot for one of my favorite plants. I am loving the contrast.Thinking outside the pot - an updated wicker basket - OrganisingChaosBlog
Because even old things deserve a face lift.
What do you think?
Chaotic Itzi

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Remember the Brownie Mug Cake that I made a couple of weeks ago? It was a success with both kids and adults and due to popular demand I have made it good few times since. It is so easy to make that I never have any excuse not to make it, and it is so delicious…. So I decided to try another one from the book.

This particular mug cake can be used for both breakfast and dessert (one can argue that you could have the brownie for breakfast, but that is another day’s discussion. But you totally could). It is very light and delicious, and again very easy to make with very little washing up afterwards. Almond and Berry Breakfast Mug cake - OrganisingChaosBlog
2 tablespoons soft butter
1 medium egg
1 tablespoon runny honey
3 tablespoons golden caster sugar
3 tablespoons ground almonds
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 tablespoon self-raising flour
pinch of salt
3 tablespoons mixed berries

Place the butter in a 350 ml mug and microwave for 10-20 seconds until melted.
Add the egg, honey and sugar to the mug and beat with a fork until combined.
Add the ground almonds, cinnamon, flour and salt and beat again until smooth. Fold through half the berries and then top the remainder.
Place the cake in the microwave for 2 minutes 50 seconds @ 600W / 2 minutes 30 seconds @ 800W or 2 minutes 10 seconds @ 1000W.
Leave it to cool slightly and then serve.
Delicious Almond and Berry Mug Cake - OrganisingChaosBlog
Super quick Almond and Berry Mug Cake - OrganisingChaosBlog
I love the berries mixed in the cake, so sweet, so light, so yummy. Utterly satisfying…
So good, I can’t stop eating it.
Enjoy it!
Chaotic Itzi