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Hi lovely people! I hope you had a lovely holiday with your friends and family. I have had some amazing few days with loved ones, eating, drinking and laughing too much, which is the way it is meant to be, as far as I am concerned.

As today is the last day of the year, I am planning my dinner menu for tonight to spend the night with my friends. I am usually much better prepared by this stage, but this year I have been too busy and at this stage, I don’t even know how many people are coming for dinner. It doesn’t matter. As my mum always said, we’ll eat more or we’ll eat less, but we’ll eat together. The main thing is about being together, sharing stories and memories, discussing random topics, fixing the world.

I am trying to decide on one cocktail to have for the night. I like the idea of making something in advance, something to enjoy without any fuss. I am looking for something special, a bit decadent, it is New Year’s Eve after all.

White Wine Spritzer would be nice and refreshing, ideal for before dinner
White Wine Spritzer

This Chocolate Baileys Coffee Cocktail will be perfect for dessert as we are usually way too full for eating anything.
Chocolate Baileys Cocktail - Baileys and coffee - cocktail or dessert

The Strawberry Twist has been this year’s favourite cocktail, so I think I will have to make a small amount of it… just for me!!! 😉
a Strawberry Twist

Mr B loved the Cranberry Mixup when I made it for the blog and he has already made sure that we have all the ingredients to make it, which makes it a strong contester.
the Cranberry Mixup

I made this Clementine Mojito for my birthday party and it was a great hit with the guests.
Clementine Mojito recipe

I can’t seem to make up my mind. They are all perfect in different ways.
I might end up making them all and let people choose.
What do you think? Do you have a favourite?

Whatever you do, have a great night and I wish you the best for the new year.
Happy New Year!
Chaotic Itzi

Author: chaoticitzi

My name is Itzi. I am a Spanish girl living in Ireland with the three boys of my life. I am a firm believer in up-cycling, that beauty makes us happy and that pretty things don't have to be expensive. I love my family, coffee and the sun. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy it Chaotic Itzi

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