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We all love receiving Christmas cards, especially from people that you don’t get to see that often. They are a lovely reminder that they are thinking of you and that you are loved
.Christmas tree with cards

At this point, I have to admit that I am not very good at sending Christmas cards. I used to be. I used to be very organised, serious and diligent. I would make a list of friends of family and they would be sent by the 15th of December. But everything changed 2 years ago. My eldest monkey started receiving Christmas cards in school, every day, consistently. So then we had to go out and buy 24 cards for all his friends. As he could not yet write,  I would have to chase him, get a list of all his friends, and write all the cards. From a child who can’t write, to children who couldn’t read. It’s the sentiment that matter, right? Then last year, when he could write his own cards, I had to write them all for Chaotic Monkey’s friends and school mates. So after buying 50 Christmas cards, making lists with the children, making sure that all their friends are included, I end up “carded out”. So apologies to all my friends and family, you know you are loved and that we are thinking of you. I just can’t do more Christmas cards. But enough about me!

Christmas cards have become part of the Christmas decorations, we like to display them in different ways somehow organised so they can be appreciated and cherished. Nowadays there are many gadgets that you can buy to display them but I think something hand-made is always more special.

This Christmas tree is very easy to make and it is a lovely and fun way to display your cards.
You need to decide how tall and wide you want your tree. I decided to “install” our one on the stairs wall so it would be visible when you come in to the house.
Get a long piece of string and secure it with some tape on the wall where you want the top of your tree to be. Let the string hang down.
How to make a Christmas card display
Now you need to decide how tall you want the tree to be. Once that has been decided, measure the same distance from the string to each side and mark the spot with some tape.
How to make a Christmas card display 1
Join all three points of the triangle with twine and that will make the outline of your tree.
How to make a Christmas card display - tree shape
Start securing cards inside the triangle with some tape alternating sizes and colours. Small cards are perfect from the bottom corners and a long one would be perfect for the top.
Making a Christmas card display
You can fill the gaps with some small decorations – no tree would be complete without some decorations.
Remove the tape and the string, take a step back and enjoy it.
Christmas tree with Christmas cardsChristmas tree with cards
You can use this system to make any shape you want, a star, a mini tree, a present with a bow on top…. anything you want!

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My name is Itzi. I am a Spanish girl living in Ireland with the three boys of my life. I am a firm believer in up-cycling, that beauty makes us happy and that pretty things don't have to be expensive. I love my family, coffee and the sun. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy it Chaotic Itzi


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