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My car started acting funny yesterday and by funny I mean that I was lucky to be able to drive it home. The garage didn’t give us good news. It would cost us too much to fix it so we decided to thank her for her years of service and to call it a day.

Although we still have Mr B’s car, my car was the family car with the big boot that we use for long journeys so we need to replace it sooner rather than later. With that in mind, I went around few car dealerships to see what they have in offer and I was very shock at the attitudes I encountered.
Life is too short
Maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised as the car world is still pretty dominated by  men and focused on men. Even after explaining my predicament to the salesmen, that it would be my car, that I need a big boot… I was still offered small cars, I was told to get my husband to call them after work to talk about the details and they made sure to use not very technical words so not to confuse me. It was so patronising that it was nearly funny. Nearly.
~I am fluent
I got home quite furious but somehow amused, to be honest. Do women not buy cars? Do they need to be accompanied by a man to do so? Are men the only ones who know about cars? I am not saying that I know anything about cars, by the way. I don’t. But neither does Mr B or most of my male friends. The lack of knowledge doesn’t come down to gender, just lack of interest. I find it a bit tragic that there are still men like this out there, and these guys were young enough to know better!
I have 3 sides
I have decided to get all dolled up tomorrow, pretty dress, high hill, make up, the whole thing. I will then go to a different dealerships to see how I am treated. I might even get a discount! 😉

I’ll let you know how I get on.
Chaotic Itzi



Wooden pegs are very useful around the house. I use them to close bags, to hang pictures, to hang odd socks… you name it. They are a very inexpensive way to decorate.
Pegs covered with washi tape
Organising odd socks
Wooden pegs are not particularly pretty. They are ok in a rustic kind of way, but nothing out of the ordinary. The good thing is that they can be updated very easily. Remember how much I like washi tape? Well. this is yet another project where you will get to use these Japanese wonders and join my addiction.

All you need is a box cutter, wooden pegs and your favourite washi tapes.
Washi Tape Wooden pegs - easy projects
Cover the wooden pegs from the spring to the top and then again from the spring to the bottom.
Wooden pegs covered with washi tape - quick project
Turn the pegs around and with the box cutter cut the excess of washi tape from the side.
Washi Tape Wooden Pegs - Organising Chaos
Your pegs are now ready to  be used! You will find that you will use them way more and you will look for ways to display them.
Really pretty (and easy to make) wooden pegsPretty pegs to use to around the houseReally pretty (and easy to make) wooden pegs

Have an amazing day!
Chaotic Itzi



It is the time of the year where my lips are getting very dry, sore and uncomfortable. The cold outside and the indoor heating are a bad combination for my skin in general and I tend to carry lip balms in every pocket of every coat, have one beside my bed… they are everywhere!

This year I couldn’t find any, none left in any pockets and no left overs in any bags either. I thought of buying more but I was looking for something made with beeswax as it has many properties: it moisturises and softens your skin, it protects from ultraviolet rays, it is a natural antiseptic and it is all natural. As you can imagine, the ones I found had a big enough price tag so I did a bit of research to see how difficult it would be to make my own, and it turns out, not difficult at all!

Lip balm made from beeswax
This recipe is perfect and you can make as much or as little as you need. It only takes around 10 minutes to make and it is perfect to have at home, in your bag and to give away as little tokens of appreciation (aka presents).

For a 50 ml container, you will need:
15 gr of  bees wax
30 gr of coconut oil
1 spoonful of honey
few drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)
Home-made lip balm
Place the beeswax and the coconut oil in a heatproof bowl. Place over a pot full of simmering water (baine marie) and allow the ingredients to melt. Stir the mixture and when it is all melted take it of the heat.
Home-made beeswax lip balm
Add a spoonful of honey and if you want to add any scent, add few drops of your favourite essential oil. Stir and pour on your container.
Home-made beeswax lip balm - waiting to cool down
You will need to leave the mixture to rest for about 15 minutes until it cools down and your beeswax lip balm is ready to use.

Because this balm is made with all natural ingredients, it is suitable to use in any part of your body – your hands, dry patches in your face, around your noise when you have a cold…
Home-made beeswax and honey lip balmBeeswax lip balm

Will you switch from store-bought lip balms to home-made ones?
Let me know how you get on.

Chaotic Itzi

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A couple of weeks ago we had some friends staying with us and after a night out, they suggested to have a warm lemon drink first thing in the morning to cleanse our bodies. I have always heard that some fresh lemon juice with some warm water in the morning was very good for you but I had never done it for any length of time.

Warm lemon water and its benefits

I usually need something hot first thing in the morning, so my go-to-drink has always been coffee, but I like the idea of starting the day with something healthy. We know that water is good for you, it is essential to be hydrated to perform properly during the day. We also know that lemon is good for you, with all that vitamin C, but I wanted to know why warm lemon water is so good for you and how it can help you. And here it is.

WARM LEMON WATER in the morning will

– Boost your immune system. Lemon is high in vitamin C and potassium. The potassium will stimulate the brain and nerve function and helps control the blood pressure while the vitamin C will help you fight colds.

– Act as a natural diuretic. Lemon juice has long been used as a diuretic, especially in a glass of hot or warm water. Lemon is used to relieve water retention and help with temporary weight loss.

– Help you lose weight. Lemons helps fight cravings and cleans your body. I also find that by starting the day with healthy choices, I am more likely to keep it up for the day.

– Aid your digestion. The warm water keeps things moving while the lemon will help release the toxins in the digestive track. Warm lemon water also helps your body absorb and digest nutrients more efficiently, reducing indigestion and bloating

Warm lemon water

– Cleanse your Skin. We have always been told that the only way to achieve the glowing skin is by drinking water. the detox qualities of the leom will help you get rid of the toxins while the vitamin C will help with the wrinkles and blemishes.

– Balance  Ph. Although lemons are very acidic, once they are inside our body they become alkaline (the citric acid does not create acidity in the body once metabolised) and that regulates the Ph of your stomach, which is perfect if you have a diet high on acidic foods or you suffer from acidity.

– Hydrate the lymph system. The lymphatic system is also responsible for removing toxins from the body. The warm lemon water not only cleanse your body, it also hydrates your lymph system which stimulates the elimination process. When your body is dehydrated, it can’t perform all of it’s proper functions which can lead to toxic build-up and stress.

Lemon juice with hot water
I have already done one week of having the lemon water first thing in the morning and I have to say that I feel much better for the day.
If you find the taste too acidic for your liking, you can always add a spoonful of honey to it and you will be adding more benefits to your drink.

Have you tried it? Let me know.
Chaotic Itzi