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I grew up with a love for books. My parents are avid readers and they passed their love for books on to us: short stories, comics (Asterix has always been a favourite in my house), adventures… My favourite time to read was at night, in bed. I have been known to stay awake until 2am unable to put a book down.

It is now our turn to pass on this love for books to our kids. Reading aloud with children is very important for their language development and to get them interested in the stories, which will encourage them to read by themselves as they get older.

As the boys are getting older, the books we read to them are getting bigger so we usually read a chapter or two at night. We needed a bookmark to remember what page to pick up from the following night. I have been looking for bookmarks for children but I found them all quite boring so I decided to make my own bookmarks. Pom pom are always fun and whimsical, so they were the obvious choice (you like my logic?)
OrganisingChaosBlog - Making pom poms bookmarks for kids
You do not need any special tools for these pom pom balls, just your fingers. Once you have chosen the wool you want to use, start wrapping it around your fingers, not too tight but not too loose either. I only used 2 fingers as I wanted a small pom pom, but if you want them a bit bigger you can use three or four fingers, up to you. Wrap it around 100 times to make a very full pom pom – don’t worry, it really takes no time.
OrganisingChaosBlog - Making pom poms bookmarks
Take the wool of your fingers carefully placing it on the table. Try to make sure it keeps its shape.
Cut 4 x 30 cm of wool and put them together. With one end, make a knot in the middle of your bundle as if you were tying a bow.
Pom Pom bookmarks - tying a bow
Next, with very sharp scissors, start cutting the loops from the ball. It will look fluffy at the beginning but it will  more than likely need a “haircut” to make it look tidy and round.
Pom Pom bookmarks - cutting
At the opposite side of the pom pom, about 5 cm from the end, tie a double knot, thread a wooden bead through the wool and tie another double knot. This will stop the bookmark from sliding from the book
Double knot, wooden bead and double knot
Your cute and whimsical bookmark is now ready to be used. Enjoy your book!
Pom Pom bookmarks - whimsical!
Have a fabulous day,

Chaotic Itzi

Author: chaoticitzi

My name is Itzi. I am a Spanish girl living in Ireland with the three boys of my life. I am a firm believer in up-cycling, that beauty makes us happy and that pretty things don't have to be expensive. I love my family, coffee and the sun. Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy it Chaotic Itzi

5 thoughts on “POM POM BOOKMARKS

  1. Love the tutorial! As I read books avidly – you only need to glace at my blog to see that 😀 – I’ll definitely try this!


  2. I am glad you like it. Keep reading!


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