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FELT LOVE HEART TUTORIAL – with Bettyoctopus‏

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School has officially started.

My boys’ school started last Monday. Big Monkey started full time and he has settled perfectly and happily into his class.
For Chaotic Monkey, this was his first year going to ‘big boys school’ and he couldn’t have been happier. He has been dying to go to school for the last year and he was a bit disappointed that he only had two days of class last week followed by a mini holiday until Tuesday this week. This was done in order to easy children into Big School
It has been great for us to see him getting up happily to go to school, getting dressed full of enthusiasm and setting off for school with great joy. As parents, it makes our jobs easier, settles our own anxieties and feels our hearts with joy (that they are gone... only joking!)
Unfortunately, not all kids have the same reaction to school. 
The idea of starting something new, been away from their parents and the new environment sometimes can be too much for some kids and it can take a while until they adapt and they go happily to school.
My super-talented and felt-virtuoso friend Bettyoctopus has come up with a great idea for those kids. A stuffed felt love heart to take to school and to squeeze when they feel anxious or sad. It’s such a great idea!!! Children can keep it handy in their pockets and always feel connected to their parents. I love it! 
Her tutorial is available on her website together with other brilliant tutorials and her shop filled with super gorgeous felt clocks, cards, artwork…
Love Heart tutorial
Don’t worry if you are not any good at cutting love heart (like me), she has them ready for you!
Let me know how you get on!

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